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Digital Radiography
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When you visit Reich Dental Center, you discover that all our dentists have topnotch expertise in digital radiography. We are up to date with the latest technology and the recommended training.

Radiographs are a crucial part of our dental services. We consider that the use of x-rays has a diagnostic and preventive function. If you come to us with extreme toothache, the result of a radiograph may reassure that your ache is not caused by any serious damage to your teeth or gum, which gives you a reason to prevent such extremes. If the x-ray reveals some serious dental issues, we have solid ground for a sound diagnosis and an informed dental treatment plan.

How We Use High-Tech Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is the latest technology in diagnostic imaging. It has replaced the traditional analog methods that generated film images. Digital radiography uses sensors to generate images and instantly display them on digital devices.

Depending on your oral complaint, we can recommend one of the two main types of digital x-rays. If you visit our expert with dental issues that need fine details for accurate diagnosis, we will recommend an intraoral x-ray. This means that our dentist will ask you to place the sensor in your mouth to generate an image of the targeted dental structures. For example, our expert may ask you to bite the sensor with the teeth of one side of the mouth to capture your upper and lower teeth from the crown to the supporting bone. This is known as a bitewing x-ray and is optimum in detecting dental cavities and any dental issues caused by extreme gum disease.

If your oral complaint involves most of your teeth or a good part of the gum and jaw, we will opt for an extraoral x-ray. This means that the sensor is outside your mouth and will generate a complete image of your oral structure. One way of doing this is by rotating the digital x-ray machine around your head to capture your entire set of teeth. We refer to this technique as a panoramic x-ray. With the image from this procedure, we can detect alignment issues or use the image to guide us when performing surgical interventions.

Why We Prefer Digital Radiographs

We adhere to the latest professional recommendations and codes of practice. One such recommendation protects the patient by endorsing the least possible exposure to radiation. Compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays expose you to at least 90% less radiation.

Dental issues may range from a simple cavity to extreme tooth root damage from gum disease or even bite alignment issues. For this reason, our specialized dentists work as a team. Digital radiography allows us to share information about your dental issue more conveniently and so decide on a more comprehensive treatment plan. We believe in helping our patients understand the situation of their teeth and gums. Digital radiographs help us a lot because we can zoom x-ray images and focus on specific issues affecting your teeth. Enjoy our digital radiography services at Reich Dental Center and benefit from our precise diagnosis and treatment plans. Call us today at Reich Dental Center at 770-435-5450 to schedule an appointment with our experts.

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Digital Radiography - Smyrna, GA • Reich Dental Center
When you visit Reich Dental Center, you discover that all our dentists have topnotch expertise in digital radiography. Learn more here.
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