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Dental Bridge
Smyrna, GA

The team here at Reich Dental Center, will happily replace your missing teeth to restore your smile to its former beauty. When you’re missing one or more teeth, it’s more than simply an issue with your looks – it can cause your other teeth to move.

This can cause added pain when chewing, extra tension during biting, or even difficulty speaking. Dental bridges restore your mouth’s health and appearance by covering gaps with an artificial tooth held in place by either your natural teeth, dental implants, or both.

Our experienced dentists provide tailor-made bridges with quality materials that’ll restore your lovely smile. If you’ve got missing teeth, feel free to set up an appointment to know more about our dental restoration options.

The Procedure

Our dentist will apply some topical anesthetic on your gum before injecting you with an anesthetic. This will numb the part to be treated.

They’ll then reshape your teeth on both sides of the space to make room for new dental crowns that’ll cover your teeth and fit between your other teeth.

Our dentist then takes an impression of your prepared area so we can create a custom dental bridge for you. They’ll then fit in a temporary dental bridge to protect your remaining tooth structures, so it’s less obvious to others that you’re missing some teeth.

Your impressions and information are sent to our dental lab, and you’ll come back in about two weeks for the installation of your completed custom bridge. When you return, we’ll remove the temporary bridge and clean the tooth structures. After making sure the bridge fits well, our dentist will place your custom bridge with special permanent dental cement. After getting rid of any extra cement, you can now enjoy your new bridge as though it were real.

Dental Bridge Options

A traditional dental bridge is made by placing two dental crowns on both sides of the gap (due to a missing tooth). The false tooth is held by the center of the bridge.

In essence, the crowns fit over your teeth on both sides of your gap, and your false tooth fits perfectly into the space between those teeth, improving your smile.

Traditional dental bridges are normally made out of porcelain-fused-to-metal or ceramics and are the most recognizable dental bridge.

If the space caused by your missing tooth doesn’t have teeth on both sides of it, a cantilever bridge will let you fill the gap if your teeth are on only one side of your missing tooth.

A Maryland bonded bridge also called a porcelain-bonded bridge, features porcelain wings bonded to natural teeth.

It’s also a more conventional option. Since it requires the removal of minimal tooth structure, this bridge is used in very few cases.

To set up a consultation and learn more about your options for tooth replacement, please contact Reich Dental Center at 770-435-5450 any time.

We’re committed to ensuring that you’re as comfortable as possible with your new tooth restoration. Let our experienced team of dentists bridge your smile and help enhance your self-image.

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Missing one or more teeth can cause other teeth to move. At Reich Dental Center, we can replace your missing teeth with dental bridges. Learn more here.
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