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Porcelain Dental Crown
Smyrna GA

Rendering of jaw with dental crown done at Reich Dental Center in Smyrna, GADental crowns are an integral part of restorative dentistry. There are many different types of crowns available, including porcelain and even gold. However, full porcelain is perhaps the most popular crown material and rightfully so too. Dental crowns often become a necessity for seniors.

A study found that around 40% of adults aged 55 and above had at least one dental crown. That comes as no surprise as dental crowns help restore and rebuild a tooth that is either broken or whose structural integrity weakens because of decay or, in some cases, as a part of aging. At Reich Dental Center, we specialize in restorative dentistry and can provide full porcelain crowns to restore and repair damaged teeth.

Why Choose Porcelain Crowns

Dentists prefer porcelain crowns for restorative Dentistry or cosmetic dentistry for several reasons.

•  Natural Look – They blend in with the natural look of the teeth. It is their natural look that makes them so popular in cosmetic dentistry.
•  Customizable – You can design the tooth not just to replicate the original but also to enhance its shape and appearance.
•  Thickness and Durability – Porcelain crowns are quite thick, making them substantially sturdier than some other options.
•  Low Maintenance – maintaining porcelain crowns is very straightforward. Brush your teeth regularly with a non-abrasive toothpaste, preferably one with fluoride. You may need to go for a follow up a week after installation to ensure the crown is securely in place.
•  Biocompatible – Full porcelain crowns do not have any metal in them, which makes them free of toxins and bio-compatible. They are ideal for those with metal allergies and sensitivities.

Where a full porcelain crown works well-enough, your dentist may recommend you opt for a combination of enhanced performance and functionality. Porcelain crowns fused with metal are very common as they enhance the crown's strength and durability without taking away from the aesthetic appeal of a porcelain crown. You can also get Procera crowns that are porcelain coated with a milled ceramic dental filling inside. They work wonderfully well with a simple dental bridge cement and are known for their superior strength.

Process of Getting a Porcelain Crown

Your dentist can better on the type of crown you should get. The installation and preparation process is very straightforward. The dentist will clean and prepare your teeth to make an impression. They will then use the impression to design and shape the porcelain crown. Because the crown preparation takes a few days or so, they will give you a temporary crown to protect the damaged structure and prevent further damage in the meantime.

Once the construction of the crown is complete, they will fit it over the tooth or teeth. To do so, the dentist will use an etching acid to roughen up or agitate the tooth's surface. They will then place the crown over it, which will latch on to the rough surface in a strong grip. The dentist will finish off the process with dental cement to seal the crown in place. Visit Reich Dental Center for a consultation or a crown fitting. It is a long-lasting restorative treatment that can protect your teeth from further damage.

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At Reich Dental Center, we provide full porcelain crowns to restore and repair damaged teeth. Click here to learn more.
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