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Night Mouth Guard in Smyrna GA

night mouth guards at Reich Dental Center A night mouth guard is a special device designed with high-grade plastic and covers the teeth. A night guard, also known as a dental split, is used to cover all or part of one's teeth during the night.

What is a Night Mouth Guard?

A night mouth guard is mainly used to keep you from grinding your teeth while sleeping. Since the night mouth guard helps keep the bottom and top teeth separate, it prevents the teeth from grinding, which can cause damage to the teeth, which includes cracked tooth enamel, jaw strain, and broken teeth. If a person already has fillings, then severe grinding may lead to pain and damage.

At Reich Dental Center our doctors follow industry best practices to ensure your night guard is custom-made for a perfect fit for your teeth.

Night Mouth Guards for Bruxism

People with bruxism can benefit from a night mouth guard mainly because it helps the jaw relax. By shielding the teeth, the night mouth guard cushions your teeth, keeping them protected from excessive wear and tear, while at the same time helping maintain the natural space between both the top and bottom teeth.

Understanding Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is when a person either clenches or grinds their teeth whenever they aren't chewing. The condition is mostly noticeable during the night when a person is sleeping and is more common among children, which can result in damaged or misaligned teeth.

Some signs and symptoms of bruxism include jaw stiffness and pain, worn teeth, or a faint clicking or popping sound when moving one's jaw. It is also not uncommon for people to develop other symptoms that include temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ.

Oftentimes, people also refer to what is known as referred pain. This is where a person feels discomfort or pain that's located in another area that's not the source of the pain.

How Night Mouth Guards Help Prevent Bruxism

Teeth grinding is a difficult habit to kick, and a night mouth guard can come in handy. The night mouth guard works by forming a protective layer between the lower and upper teeth, which prevents the teeth from coming in contact while a person is sleeping.

Benefits of Night Mouth Guards

Apart from preventing one from grinding their teeth, there are many benefits of wearing a night mouth guard while you sleep. Preventing teeth grinding can prevent many other tooth-related problems as well.

Protecting Teeth from Wear and Damage

Since night mouth guards prevent the grinding and clenching of teeth, they can help save your teeth from wear and damage, such as chipped or cracked teeth. Wearing a night mouth guard can also protect any pre-existing fillings that you have so that the fillings last longer.

Reducing Jaw Pain and Tension

It goes without saying that the jaw muscles are used when grinding one's teeth. This cannot only be painful but also tiring if not treated in time. If you wake up with a jaw that is sore, that could be the first sign that you have been grinding or clenching your teeth during the night. Sleeping with a night mouth guard can help keep your jaw safe from pain and soreness.

Types of Night Mouth Guards

A night mouth guard comes in several types and has been designed to achieve different outcomes.

Custom-Fitted Night Guards

A custom night guard is the ideal choice to protect your upper and lower teeth. As the name implies, as far as night guards go, a customized option ensures that the night guard fits in your mouth perfectly. You can easily get a custom night mouth guard from the dentist. A custom night guard is also recommended for those individuals who have misaligned teeth and are looking to keep their upper and lower teeth separate.

Boil-and-Bite Night Guards

A boil-and-bite night guard is made up of a sturdy but flexible material which means that it can be easily shaped when it is exposed to extreme heat. The way a boil-and-bite night guard works is that the individual will heat the mold before biting down on it to shape the guard exactly to their teeth. Boil and bite night guards are extremely affordable and easy-to-use options that do not require a professional to get the right fit.

Stock Night Guards

As the name implies, these are pre-formed night mouth guards that are ready to use right out the box. However, stock night mouth guards do not always offer the perfect fit or comfort because they have been designed as a one-size-fits-all option.

FAQ's About Night Mouth Guards

Can children use night mouth guards?

A night mouth guard can be extremely beneficial for children who are experiencing teeth grinding during the night. There are specially designed night mouth guards that are made specifically to prevent children from grinding their teeth, which could lead to deteriorating teeth and even painful migraines in children. You can contact a pediatric dentist to get a night mouth guard to keep your child from grinding their teeth.

How long does a night mouth guard last?

The typical lifespan of a night mouth guard is around 24 months; however, it can last longer, depending on its usage and maintenance. It is not unheard of for people to use their night mouth guards for up to five years before replacing them.

Can I wear a night mouth guard with braces?

A night mouth guard can be customized to fit your mouth despite wearing braces. Those who wear braces are advised to use a mouth guard since it will help them from grinding their teeth but also protect their braces.

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