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Why Replacing Lost Teeth is Important

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Office
Why Replacing Lost Teeth is ImportantIt is normally due to heavy tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma that teeth fall out. Dental extractions are sometimes performed to relieve painful symptoms, treat infections, or prevent further damage. After a tooth has fallen out or been removed, it leaves an empty socket. At this point, dental patients are often confused. Some people may be tempted to let the site heal without taking any further action. A general dentist will tell you that replacing missing teeth is extremely important to your dental health.

Preventing Bone Loss

Having lost a tooth means the jawbone isn't stimulated by chewing anymore. As a result, the jawbone bone tissue is absorbed by the body for use elsewhere. When a tooth is lost, resorption starts about six months later. Your face can change shape over time because of bone loss. The best way to avoid this is to replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

Keeping an Even Bite

Teeth must fill the entire upper and lower arch for an even bite. The gap between teeth is caused by missing teeth. Eventually, the gap will be filled by shifting teeth. An upper arch and lower arch are significantly affected by a shift in teeth. An uneven bite affects teeth and jaws.

Retaining Function

Teeth serve as a tool for biting and grinding food, as well as for speaking. These functions can only be performed fully if all teeth are present. Foods that are hard or chewy are harder to bite and chew when there are missing teeth. Additionally, missing teeth alter how air flows during speech and even affect how you speak. A missing tooth can also affect your speech and even result in permanent impairment. The replacement of missing teeth ensures that you are still able to carry out the functions that your teeth perform.

Improving Visual Aesthetics

Finally, replacing missing teeth can improve your smile's aesthetics. When you have missing teeth, your smile is not as attractive as when you have a full set. Your smile can be improved by replacing missing teeth to improve your social, professional, and emotional life.

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