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Dental Crown
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The team at Reich Dental Center is excited to strengthen your worn down or damaged tooth with a quality dental crown. A crown (cap) covers the part of your tooth that's above the gumline if your tooth is weak or you want a better shape or size. In adults, crowns can also help protect a dental implant, keep a dental bridge in place, or provide a better look. In children, crowns may be used to protect teeth from further decay or support highly decayed teeth that need a filing. Temporary crowns are usually fitted easily while permanent crowns are made in a lab with quality materials from teeth impressions for a much better fit. At our dental practice, we often use crowns to help patients have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Best Candidates

A variety of situations may require crowns. Crowns can help keep a weakened or decayed tooth from falling apart, or they may hold together parts of teeth that have cracked. Crowns may also help fix an extremely worn down or loose tooth. They can act as a support or covering for teeth with large cavities that can’t support a standard filling, to support a dental bridge, and to cover discolored or misshapen teeth.

Crown Types

Our dentists will recommend to you the best dental crown for your restoration needs depending on chewing position or the structure of the implant or tooth that needs protection. Three major kinds of crowns exist. Each kind has its qualities and characteristics.

Full porcelain is strong, stable, attractive, and ultra-resistant to wear and tear. It provides a high degree of biocompatibility as it doesn’t contain metal. Porcelain crowns provide the best match of natural color to your other teeth and are ideal for front teeth. Since a porcelain crown has an aesthetic appeal, it requires a dentist with lots of experience in CEREC®CAD/CAM technology.

Metal crowns offer strength and endurance. They may be ideal for back teeth as that’s where the greatest biting and chewing takes place. A metal crown doesn’t often chip or break. Also, it involves minimal elimination of tooth structure. Gold crowns offer biocompatibility. The cheapest treatment option is often a base metal dental crown, but it doesn’t offer biocompatibility and can cause an allergy or discoloration of gum.

A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown offers the stability of a metal structure and the advantages of a natural color surface that looks like your other teeth. While this kind of crown offers many advantages, it involves removing more tooth structure compared to other kinds of crowns. Therefore, there’s greater possibility of discomfort during the procedure.
Of course, you want to flash a smile that’s as vibrant and healthy as you feel. Also, you’ll want to enjoy your beloved drinks and foods without experiencing discomfort or feeling worried. We invite you to our dental practice. Be sure to stop by and have a chat with us to learn plenty more about everything our normal dental crowns can do for your smile and overall happiness.

For more information about our dental crowns, feel free to get in touch with us at Reich Dental Center at 770-435-5450 any time.

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At Reich Dental Center is excited to strengthen your worn down or damaged tooth with a quality dental crown. Click here to learn more.
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