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Things To Do When Your Notice You Are Clenching Your Teeth
Posted on 1/30/2020 by Office
Clenching your teeth can have a variety of effects on your dental health. It can lead to the flattening of the surfaces of your teeth, TMJ disorder, cracked or fractured teeth, and even pain in your jaws. While you might grind and clench your teeth while sleeping, it is possible to do so while awake, too. In some cases, you might grind your teeth subconsciously. Luckily, in most instances, it can be pretty easy to take control of this issue. Relieve Your Stress Levels In some cases, you might grind your teeth out of stress. Even worse, you might not know that you are stressed. If you think that the cause of your issues is stress, look for ways to relieve it. For instance, you can rely on therapies like massage, meditation, acupuncture, and even self-hypnosis to give the peace you need. Also, try getting enough sleep. It can help your body process stress more effectively. The most effective way for dealing with the stress, however, is to eliminate the issue leading to it completely. Wear A Mouthguard and Watch What You Put Into Your Mouth If you tend to grind your teeth at night, let us know and we can help create a mouthguard for you. This will also apply to situations where you grind your teeth subconsciously while awake. The mouthguard will protect your teeth from the effects of grinding and preserve the shape of your teeth. Grinding your teeth is dangerous and can do a lot of damage if it is not stopped early on. By contacting us, we can take the time to look over your mouth, figure out an effective treatment plan, and correct any dental problems that may exist due to these habits. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our office....

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