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Dental Cleaning
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Assistant operates patient at Reich Dental Center in Smyrna, GA and Roswell, GAOur dentists at Reich Dental Center insist on the common principle of home dental care: brush twice daily and floss at least once during the day. However, we also know that even the best home oral care can miss some plaque. Professional dental cleaning rids your teeth of plaque and tartar and is paramount because a healthy mouth greatly impacts overall oral hygiene.

It is also true that oral health has an influence on overall body health. Some studies have associated dental issues with dementia and heart disease. We underline that these issues can be prevented by maintaining clean teeth and gums.

Why You Should Consider Professional Teeth Cleaning

Every six months, our dentist will remove plaque and accumulated tartar from your teeth. This not only gives you a clean and odor-free mouth, but it also protects your teeth from cavities and tooth loss and gives you an appealing smile.

During the cleaning procedure, our dental hygienist or specialist uses the correct tools to reach where your toothbrush cannot. This removes accumulated calculus and prevents bacterial buildup. If you have existing dental issues, professional cleaning is a first step in the treatment plan and paves way for a more precise diagnosis. A clean mouth is also important in maintaining dental fillings, dental crowns, and other dental implants in good shape.

Deciding on The Type of Cleaning You Need

Several factors can determine what type of teeth cleaning our dentist or oral hygienist does. The extent of tartar buildup, whether you have done professional cleaning before, how much time has passed since your last dental visit, and the health status of your mouth all help us decide on the type of dental cleaning.

Standard or typical cleaning is done when you are faithful to your twice-a-year routine. Our dentist cleans your teeth to remove plaque, tartar or any stains on your teeth. With the help of a scaler, the hygienist files the calculus and smoothens your teeth with a motorized toothbrush. Smooth teeth resist tartar buildup better. We then ask you to rinse your mouth and floss your teeth to eliminate any remnants from the cleaning procedure and to soothe your gum. We complete the procedure with a fluoride treatment to strengthen your enamel.

Since standard cleaning usually focuses on the surface of the teeth and gums, full cleaning is required for those who have skipped the recommended typical cleaning for a long while. We call this full mouth debridement. Our dentist cleans the heavy tartar buildup in order to make room for a precise dental exam.

We recommend a deep cleaning for patients with periodontal disease. This is a thorough cleaning through which we clean, not just the surface of your teeth, but also the gumline. Through scaling, the accumulated tartar is cleared, and the tooth is planed beneath the gumline to allow the gum reattach and prevent bacterial buildup. Whether you need typical teeth cleaning or a more thorough one, we will address your dental issue with expertise. Make your appointment today by calling us at Reich Dental Center at 770-435-5450.

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At Reich Dental Center, we understand the importance of oral hygiene. Professional dental cleaning rids your teeth of plaque and tartar. Learn more here.
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