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Crunchy Snacks to Have on Hand for Great Oral Health

Posted on 12/30/2019 by Office
Crunchy Snacks to Have on Hand for Great Oral HealthWhen thinking about how to keep your teeth clean, you may not think about the food you eat. However, the foods that we eat play a major role in keeping our teeth in good condition.

While not all foods are great for our oral health, crunchy foods can actually help us keep our teeth clean throughout the day.

Three Tooth Healthy Snacks

If you have frequent midday cravings, one of the best snacks you can keep on you are apples. Apples are great for your teeth for two reasons. First, they are crunchy. Crunchy foods like apples act as a natural toothbrush. When you eat an apple, they help to remove bacteria on the surfaces of your teeth.

Though apples help to remove bacteria from your teeth, they are no substitute for brushing and flossing. The second reason apples are a great snack is because they contain a chemical that helps freshen your breath. If you're self-conscious about bad breath, an apple in the middle of the day can help prevent it.

Another crunchy food that is great for your teeth is celery. Celery like apples will help get bacteria off the surfaces of your teeth. Celery is also healthy for you because it's mostly water. Water is an important part of maintaining a well hydrated mouth. A mouth that is well hydrated helps fight against bacteria because saliva slows bacteria growth in the mouth.

The final must-have snack to keep on you throughout the day is nuts. Nuts are packed with all kinds of good vitamins and minerals. More importantly, they can keep your teeth and gums healthy because they will scrub away bacteria. Nuts are also full of protein, which is necessary for gum health too. If you're interested in learning more about mouth-healthy foods, give our office a call!

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