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Do Cavities Hurt?

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Weo Admin
Row of five toy teeth, all smiling except for the middle tooth which frowns because of cavitiesCavities are common dental issues. They occur when the enamel wears away, creating tiny holes. At this stage, you might not feel pain. If left untreated, the hole gets deeper, and oral bacteria reaches the dentin. This exposes the nerves, causing occasional sensitivity to hot and cold substances.

When the cavities progress to the root, you will likely experience sharp and throbbing pain. At this stage, the cavity might hurt all the time, and you might notice swelling near the gums. With this, you might find it challenging to eat, sleep, and concentrate.

What Are The Common Signs Of Cavities?

In most cases, cavities do not present noticeable signs at the early stages. As they grow big, you will likely experience pain and discomfort. If left untreated for a long time, dark spots may appear. These spots mean that bacteria are making their way into the sensitive nerves. As the bacteria penetrates the tooth, you will likely experience bad breath when you brush your tongue.

At the advanced stage, pus may start to form. This indicates that the cavity has turned into an abscess. A tooth abscess is painful and should not be ignored because it can spread to other parts of the mouth. For this reason, it is good to visit a dentist after you recognize any warning signs of cavities.

How Is Dental Cavity Treated?

If noticed earlier, fluoride treatments can help to reverse cavities. Fluoride helps to put back the minerals in enamel, making it resistant to acids. For small cavities, the dentist may recommend dental fillings to replace the decayed part with filling material. In cases where cavities have reached the pulp, a root canal may be necessary.

A root canal is an invasive procedure that removes the infected pulp and prevents further damage. If the tooth is beyond repair, the professional may suggest tooth extraction. They may also discuss alternative procedures to replace the tooth. Book an appointment today, and our friendly dental team will find a solution to alleviate the pain caused by cavities.

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